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One of the biggest problems encountered by people searching for printer ink is simply finding the right cartridge for their printer. Often they hesitate when making a purchase because they are unsure whether or not the product they have chosen is actually the correct one. The addition of this tool to your website will give your customers more confidence in the fact that they are buying the correct ink for their computer resulting in tremendous increases in sales and customer satisfaction. is the answer to those who are looking for the correct printer supplies. This innovative tool uses patent pending technology allowing people to circumvent the drop down menu and instead helps direct them to the ink cartridges for their printer(s) immediately while also helping them step by step through the actual sale. not only saves customers time in trying to search for the right printer supplies, it also gives them peace of mind that they are buying the right product and increases the conversions in shopping carts for the ecommerce trader.

About Us

We are a part of the RhinoForce LLC.. The RhinoForce LLC specializes in improving ways for customers to find products that they need on the web as well as increasing conversions in shopping carts for ecommerce traders.
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Those who sell printers or printing supplies can eliminate confusion on behalf of their customers who may not be sure as to which type of printer they should purchase or whether or not it will be compatible with their computer.
When their printer runs out of ink, most people are confused as to which cartridge they should get to replace those they have. This state of the art tool offered through allows printer owners to find what they are looking for on your site and in a relatively short time.
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How To Implement

In order to use this patent pending technology when you are selling printer supplies, you need to contact us. We will provide all information about how to use this tool to help your customers find the correct ink for their computer. If you have an ecommerce site that sells printer ink, you cannot afford to be without this tool that will help visitors find the correct ink for their printer in the shortest time possible.
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